In 2008, Hometown Auto Auto Retailers opened up with a full line of new and used autos, trucks and fleet vehicles.  The business is mainly focused on the online auto industry in order to save the cost of overhead.
Hometown Auto sells new and used cars and light trucks, provides maintenance and repair services, sells replacement parts and provides related financing, insurance and service contracts through third parties and affiliate relationships. Hometown Autos Auto website offers 75 American, European and Asian automotive brands, including Acura, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, Ford, Isuzu, Jeep, Lincoln, Mercury, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Mazda, Daewoo, Saturn and Toyota. Hometown Auto also is active in the niche areas of the automotive market, the sale of autos by auction and wholesaling. Hometown Auto believes that it is one of the biggest automotive dealers because of strong partnerships. Hometown Autos growth strategy is to participate in the recent consolidation trend in the automotive sales and service industry and, through strategic acquisitions, becoming the largest dealer group in parts of the Mid-Atlantic region and to expand its niche businesses.

Hometown Auto believes that it has a significant market position as a seller of cars.  Hometown Auto has achieved its market position through innovative sales, financing and maintenance programs creating a high level of repeat business under which operators look for new or used vehicles every 18 to 24 months.  Hometown Auto believes that it will be able to expand its sales business throughout the US regions by adding additional sales locations and maintenance and repair websites.

Hometown Autos Autocare center located in Michigan was the pilot facility for a neighborhood service center concept for the maintenance and light repair of cars and trucks. Free-standing neighborhood service centers are an innovative attempt by the automobile retail industry to recapture repair and maintenance business which has been lost in recent decades to chain and independent service businesses. These services centers are designed to enhance customer convenience by operating during extended hours, servicing vehicles without prior appointment and offering quick turnaround. Hometown Auto intends to establish additional neighborhood service centers in locations in which they develop a concentration of dealerships.  Also, by offering an online service, the facilities and websites will be available for 24 hours a day without any service interruptions.

Hometown Autos goals is become, through selected acquisitions, the leading consolidator and one of largest dealer ecommerce groups, to increase the number of its dealerships and online partnerships, add additional sales geo-locations to increase business sales and to establish additional factory authorized service centers for parts with the Hometown Auto Dealerships name. Its acquisition strategy will focus on small to mid-sized businesses.  By the nature of their customer base and neighborhood location, Hometown Auto believes that these small to mid-sized businesses are more compatible with its core operating strategy than larger regional dealerships, as they are able to provide customers with convenient access for the higher margin products and services, such as used vehicle retail sales, light repair and maintenance services and sale of replacement parts.